Choice theory

The IEA approach is very close to that proposed by Dr William Glasser in his Choice Theory which promotes student centred, individualised education:

“Glasser said that if coercive teaching methods were abandoned, students would work harder because they would be performing based on their own free will. Even if the traditional grading system is not meant to be a method for rewarding and punishing students, Glasser said, it should be abolished, to ensure that any student can gain a certain level of mastery in any given subject.” (Ron Fitz 2002)

The theory may be summarised thus:
If a student plans on attending university to become a computer programmer Glasser suggests that they should be learning as much as they can about computers instead of reading plays by Plato. This concept is called quality curriculum; which consists of topics students find useful and enjoyable. Using Glasser’s approach the teacher would hold discussions with students when introducing new topics and ask them to identify what they would like to explore in depth. This is very similar to the IEA teaching methodology.

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2 Responses to Choice theory

  1. Anonymous says:

    >I think that students making choices about the context and approach to learning is valuable. We are not advocating that students can only choose what they like doing but, that they are given some choice. There is still a place for common curriculum and knowledge but allowing choice in the context of that learning is valuable and where better to do this than in ICT.

  2. andystat says:

    >In what other aspects of education can we offer students more choice?

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